Traffic Fines and Related Fees

Note: CDL license holders are not eligible for the school election to withhold points and must come in and request a court date.

The Traffic Office processes and maintains all traffic infractions that have been issued in Lee County. A traffic infraction is a non-criminal violation and can usually be satisfied by paying a fine. In some cases a defendant may elect to attend a defensive driving course to avoid points against his/her driver's license. Court appearance is not required unless the violation involves an accident with bodily injury to another person or property, or you plead not guilty to the infraction, or the speeding violation exceeds 30mph. Traffic infractions are due within 30 days of receipt of the ticket.

Payment may be made in person at the traffic office location on the second floor at 1825 Hendry Street in downtown Fort Myers or at the Lee County Government Complex in Cape Coral or by mail to the Lee County Clerk of Courts, P.O. Box 2507, Fort Myers, FL 33902.

If the traffic infraction relates to your Driver's License, vehicle registration (Tag), insurance or equipment, you will only be able to pay these fines at the Clerk's office or by mail.

All other traffic infractions can be paid by Credit Card over the telephone or through the Link-2-Gov website. You can also pay your traffic infraction at any Money Corner or Check Cashing Store location in Southwest Florida. An additional convenience fee will be applied when using these services. Payments thru these services must be made by midnight on the 29th day of the issuance of your citation. Weekends are counted in the 29 days.


(Add $2 if jurisdiction is Fort Myers)

Type of Fine Fine Amount School Option (Fine + Affidavit Fee)
Pedestrian Violations $57.50 N/A
Nonmoving Infractions $109.00 N/A
Equipment Violations $109.00 N/A
Moving Infractions $159.00 $166.00
Seat Belt Infractions $109.00 N/A
Child Restraint Infractions $159.00 $166.00
Bicycle Violations $57.50 N/A
Speeding at 6-9 over limit $124.00 $131.00
Speeding at 10-14 over limit $199.00 $206.00
Speeding at 15-19 over limit $249.00 $256.00
Speeding at 20-29 over limit $274.00 $281.00
Speeding at 30+ over limit Mandatory N/A
Speeding 50+ over limit 1st Offense 316.1926 1st Off (316 1926) Mandatory N/A
Speeding 50+ over limit 2nd Offense 316.1926 Mandatory N/A
Motorcycle/Moped Tag Improper 1st Offense 316.2085 $1159.00 $1,166.00
Motorcycle/Moped Tag Improper 2nd Offense 316.2085 $2,659.00 $2,666.00
Motorcycle/Moped Wheels off Ground 1st Offense 316.2085 $1,159.00 $1,166.00
Motorcycle/Moped Wheels off Ground 2nd Offense 316.2085 $2,659.00 $2,666.00
Speeding in School/Construction Zone at 1-9 over limit $149.00 $156.00
Speeding in School/Construction Zone at 10-14 over limit $299.00 $306.00
Speeding in School/Construction Zone at 15-19 over limit $399.00 $406.00
Speeding in School/Construction Zone at 20-29 over limit $449.00 $456.00
Speeding in School/Construction Zone at 30+ over limit Mandatory N/A
Passing Stopped School Bus 316.172(1)(b) Mandatory N/A
Failure to Stop for School Bus 316.172(1)(a) $264.00 $271.00
D/L Suspended Unknowingly 322.34(1) $156.00 $163.00
Move Over Act 316.126(1) & (1)(a) & (3) ONLY Remaining subsections $159.00
Red Light Violations $257.00 $264.00
Failure to Pay Toll $129.00
+ toll
Handicap Parking 316.1955 $179.00 N/A
Handicapped Parking MO/CO Violation $250.00 N/A
All Terrain Vehicles $104.00 N/A
Boating – Moving $88.00 N/A
Boating – Non Moving $71.00 N/A
Swimming / Diving $57.00 N/A
Rent Bicycle to under age 16 316.2065(16)(a) $94.00 N/A
Traffic D6 License Suspension Fee $23.00 N/A
Traffic Elected School Non-Compliance Fee $18.00 N/A
Traffic Affidavit Fee $7.00 N/A
3rd Option Insurance Def obtained insurance after citation $73.90 N/A
3rd Option Registration/License/Tag Def obtained registration/license/tag after citation $94.25N/A
Proof of Compliance Vehicle Defects, Air Pollution & Emissions Def had vehicle defect repaired and had agency sign citation $89.00N/A
Dismissal – Pedestrian Infraction $10.00N/A
Dismissal – Nonmoving Infraction $10.00N/A
Dismissal – Moving Infraction $10.00 N/A
Dismissal – Boating/Hunting/Fishing $10.00N/A
Dismissal – Handicap Parking (316.1955) $7.50 N/A
Dismissal – Handicap Parking (MO/CO) $10.00N/A
Prepare Paperwork Manually prepare paperwork (not make copies of documents) $7.00N/A
Certification of Copies $2.00N/A
Records Search $2.00
per Year
Driver’s License Reinstatement Fee $60.00N/A
3 Year Driver’s License Record $14.25N/A
Lifetime Driver’s License Record $16.25N/A

Driver License, Tag, Registration and Insurance Violations:
If cited for failure to carry/display and at the time the citation was issued, your license, tag, registration, and insurance was valid, the charge will be dismissed if you remit $10.00 and a photocopy of your valid document within 30 days

Improper/Unsafe Equipment (F.S. 316.610):
For the $93.00 option, refer to #5 on the reverse side of your citation. You must pay $4.00 to the Law Enforcement Agency at the time of the inspection. You must then remit $89.00 to the Clerk's Office along with the completed Affidavit of Compliance within 30 days

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